Pat:  Vocals, Guitar
Jeff:  Guitar  |  Sean:  Guitar
Dylan:  Drums


Airlift has cultivated an earnest, guitar-driven sound that is original and heartfelt.

Informed by a mix of influences centered around the post-punk movement of the 80s and alternative rock of the early 90s, the band came together in 2016 seeking to create something energetic, unique, and right for the times.  Within weeks of finalizing its lineup, Airlift began playing well-received shows throughout NYC.

Both live and on record, Airlift is a dynamic and forceful mix of shimmering clean and snarling guitars backed up by a driving rhythm section, and a voice capable of powering its way to the front of it all. The sound gets loud, it gets soft, it gets fast, it slows down -- always with spirit and substance. Think The Smiths meets U2 meets Sonic Youth, with a dose of Elliott Smith.  And a healthy DIY attitude.

In September 2016 Airlift digitally released its debut single, Policy, recorded at Threshold Studios in NY, followed by a limited-run of color vinyl in December.